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Plaid (band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Plaid is a London-based British electronic music duo comprising Andy Turner and Ed Handley. They are former members of The Black Dog and used many other names, such as Atypic (Andrew Turner) and Balil (Ed Handley), before settling on Plaid. "

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News:Disciples of Retro-Tech - Ben Wa | AllMusic

Disciples of Retro-Tech - Ben Wa | AllMusic: "Bay Area duo Ben Wa landed in 1998 with the critically acclaimed Devil Dub, an electro-dub extravaganza that featured Buckethead, M.I.R.V., and DJ Disk. Now the Wa auteurs, also known as Dr. Ware and Butthouse, have dived into '70s funk, early hip-hop, and Prince's back catalog with their techno and big beat sensibilities firmly in place."

This is a really great album. You can find a copy on Amazon.com.

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News:DJ Food | Discography

DJ Food | Discography: "Here’s the meat, any release that’s had DJ Food on it (excluding Coldcut’s own releases prior to the Jazz Brakes series). This includes Singles, Albums, Remixes, Mix CDs, Radio mixes, Exclusive Compilation tracks and any other miscellaneous material released on an unsuspecting public."


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News:Up, Bustle and Out - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Up, Bustle and Out - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Up, Bustle and Out are musicians and recording artists - DJ D. 'Ein' Fell (also known as Clandestine Ein) and producer-performer Rupert Mould (also known as Senor Rudy) from Bristol, Senor Cuffy (Spanish Guitarist), Dave Cridge (Beat Keeper and tour/soundsystem dj) UK. They have released a number of albums and singles on the Ninja Tune independent record label."

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Up,_Bustle_and_Out OFFICIAL WEB SIIIIIIITE.

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News:Lily Allen - 22 - YouTube

Lily Allen - 22 - YouTube: "Music video by Lily Allen performing 22."

It's a catchy tune with just the right amount of social insight.

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News:Boards of Canada promise us a new album | Dummy » News

Boards of Canada promise us a new album | Dummy » News
BOARDS OF CANADA PROMISE US A NEW ALBUM Confirmation of new album from IDM mainstays comes from unlikely resource. Boards of Canada have been on a mysterious hiatus since their last album, The Campfire Headphase in 2005, releasing nothing but an EP and a slow stream of remixes. Notoriously un-interviewable, a Facebook fan got the exclusive of the week. When they posted the question the Boards of Canada page “Rumours of a new BOC album are rife ? , any truth in this ?” The band responded with a simple “yes”."

SOURCE: http://dummymag.com/news/2012/03/14/boards-of-canada-promise-us-a-new-album/
Yes, it's true.

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